Problem with pre commit and urls_status_code

What happens

It’s me again. I’m trying to send the first challenge and I got these errors:

  1. [/test/generic/pre_commit]
    Which I don’t understand because I’m using the template as the documentation suggest to. I leave the blank line at the end and I don’t have any blank or extra spaces between the lines.

  2. I don’t even know what I’m getting this error if I don’t touch anything in those files:
    Others in folder 006

What do you understand or find about that problem

For the first error:
I read about the error but I cann’t got it.

For the second error:
Those links are not working but I don’t put them into the master so I don’t understand

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I read previous answers about the same mistake but I don’t understand.


This is my code:


This is the error:

I need help with

I need to understand the error in order to fix it in my code.

hello, you can to share you pipeline for i see your pre commit. for the status code i found this page in the forum, you can see the status. Bulk URL HTTP Status Code, Header & Redirect Checker |
when you are going to upload a file with the links you must make sure that they all work.

This is the second time I try and I get the same mistake.
I’m worry about what I’m doing wrong.

Thank in advance for the help.

I think you have many open commits because i see you pipeline this isn’t clear.

@shiny-ghost if you check your commit, you will see you have multiple solutions file on it, no only your solution pls check, that’s a problem

I don’t know what I’m doing :frowning:
I’ve been struguling with commits all this week

I think I’m going to start over again.
This repo it’s giving me so many troubles.