Stuck due to complexity

What happens

I can’t pass policy with my next commit due to I cant solve more challenges with complexity between 2.0 - 4.0.

What do you understand or find about that problem

The minimum step when the complexity is restored is 2 and the maximum complexity is 4, in my case I only have three challenges that meet those conditions but I cannot do them because the challenges were already made by someone else with clojurescript


Challenges I can solve

I need help with

I could continue working if the minimum step when pipepline will reset is 3 however I don’t know if this solution is possible

Try a different language :wink: always from the approach of functional programming

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@hermit-purple We can’t, we are only with clojurescript :c. @uneasy-ruler The problem has been reported, just wait for a response.

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Yes, you have 2 ways to solve that, make the challenge, and know that it can’t count as unique or ask for a language/policy change.

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Thx all for your answers, my programming language will be changed.