Warning missing document start "---"

Good evening

What happens
I don’t know how to fix the warning, I already created new files but the warning appears again.
What do you understand or find about that problem
that the start of the document is bad.
You make any workaround? What did you do?
I have created and edited files.

I need help with
Understand the problem in order to solve it.

Thanks so much for your help.

There is no error in this screenshot, you should look for it higher in that document.

The error I find from code output is this.

It says something like to delete the blank spaces at the end of the document, I already delete them but the warning keeps getting.

Maybe you should have a blank line below the last one, something like this:

Removing spaces at the end of each line works for me when this error happens

Until today I have not been able to fix that warning, I already did what they mentioned before and nothing.
no lines are blank, all wrong spaces deleted.
I do not know what to do. :cold_sweat:

Code files and files with extensions .lst and .yml must end with an empty line.

I recommend doing local tests if you have not already done so, as this helps you detect problems faster and solve some others.

I see that there are spaces at the end of several lines (e.g. 30-41), I suggest that you delete them. You can compare them with a correct line, for example the line 42 (this one has no space at the end).

Thank you all very much for the help, I managed to solve the error.
Thanks :grinning: