What does mean that error on this message?

What happens

I have had received a mail that indicates an “error” when I give my first commit on GitLab

What do you understand or find about that problem

This is the first time when I do my commits on GitLab

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

When I solve my first challenge code on CodeAbbey, I have had created my answer using Java language, under my branch “imengineerdew”, I guess that I do this, but the reality is not.


I need help with

How to pass the test cases, when I have to make my commits under my personal branch, prior to merging to master.

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Remember that in the documentation you will find the steps to follow in the process, both how to write the commit correctly and the step by step of what you must do and take into account before making your first merge request.


Another issue,

Apparently my solution doesn’t run properly despite of writing from my IDE and running well. What does mean this on GitLab?, What do I do doing bad on this?

I hope some answers, best regards!

Picture of these trouble:

Please update the master branch and make the changes again.

The master branch has been upgraded, but the trouble still persists, despite of running the code on an IDE. And please, another question, what does make the path

And the answer is that:

What does mean this capture?

CodeAbbey has been down this tonight!

New update from 2023-01-23:
CodeAbbey has been actived yet, 'cause a problem with my ISP provider.

Bests regards for you!