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Cordial greeting I am not sure how to generate or append the file of others to the challenge solved in codeabbey.
Which the forum responds to me with the following: You must search the internet for links and reference them in the OTHERS.lst files. Let’s say I’m solving codeabbey challenge 1. Then I search on google: solution codeabbey challenge 1 and take some links from people who published solutions for that specific challenge.

It talks about links of people who published solutions and where I annex them, I don’t understand very well how to generate the others files, because the challenges are to meet the challenge of the autonomicmind company, I also have doubts about how to raise the challenges developed in codeabbey already That indicates that I have to upload them in GitLab, autonomicmind, training branch, but my doubt is in what format, since I have developed the challenges of program in the Pascal language.

Thanks for your attention

Here are some clarifications about the OTHERS:

  • Other files are a list of public external solutions of specific programming or hacking challenges.
  • Every time you add a new hacking/programming solution you must include 10 public external solutions.
  • Others are not generated in any way, are added by the trainee on the MRs
  • The 10 Others are not necessarily solutions of the same challenge you are uploading, take this MR as example. You have to make sure to add the other to its corresponding challenge, on its corresponding folder.
  • If a challenge does not have a OTHER.lst file you can create it, as long as you upload a valid public external solution.

I hope this may clarify your doubts, if not, feel free to reply :wink:

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Hello @hermit-purple , this is still not totally clear to me. Do I have to search for 10 external solutions when I am trying to solve a challenge, or when I am adding a new one?

Also, are solution links from codeabbey valid?

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You can see all related to the OTHERS in the Submission Guide, by the way, links from Codeabbey aren’t valid because to see the solution require credentials and the challenge solved, for that reason Codeabbey link’s are not allowed.

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