ERROR: test_generic in the pipeline

Hi, i’m new in training,
i have this error in the test_generic when i’m trying to send the solution commit.

cyberpunker test_generoc pipeline

  • hook id: mypy
    lizard-python…(no files to check)Skipped
  • hook id: lizard-python
    We have found some problems :frowning:
    You can replicate this by running:
    services $ ./ test_generic
    [INFO] Deleting: /builds/wGEWekfD/0/autonomicmind/.ephemeral/challenges
    Cleaning up file based variables
    ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

due to this i make many times the .feature of the solution following the rules of gherkin and the template example.

i have no found the solution yet, can you help me?

For post things related to challenges/immersion we create a template, you can see it in this post:

And please take a look at this too:

If you want to ask anything related to the challenges please follow the template, with that way you can give us more details and help us to understand what happens and how to solve it.

For solve your question please follow the template and I would understand better what happens, if you can share the commit with the code I can enter in details.

How the thread is non compliant with the template I proceed to close it and wait until become compliant with the template.