I don't receive none answers about my last problem

What happens

Hello everyone in our community! :wave:
I’m writing this post because it’s really worrying this topic. :frowning_face:

I’m still having without reply or help, and for it, I can not starts works with the Challenges.

I did not receive any instructions about how start with the challenges by email or by nowhere. And I did not receive any challenge to solve yet.

Previously all of that, I has send an email to Camilo Velasquez, from Gitlab (because he is the indicated to ask for help in my case). I asked him by email but I didn’t get answer. :confused:

Screenshot here:

I got him email address from the Gitlab repository in the side of Contributors, and it’s this:

What do you understand or find about that problem

I has tried to communicate with Camilo Velasquez, the moderator on the repository and I has previously posted here in the Community Help one post talking about my issues with the pipelines and there one user reply me that I should communicate with Camilo or Juan Salas

Here the post: I'm still having errors with my pipelines

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

Now I’m asking for some solution here in the Community Help.


All the evidences is here previously in this post.

I need help with

I need can start with Autonomic Jump, I’m on Technical Challenges Stage. I really wanted start to work and solve the challenges.

And I hope that somebody can be generous with my and give me (al least) some tip or advice.

Thanks you for read.

Hello vigorous-feed I hope you are very well. if you already have access to the repository then you can start with the challenge stage, you just need to choose if you go for coding or hacking and start solving problems, in the documentation of autonomic https://docs.autonomicjump.com/ is detailed each of the phases that you must do before you can upload your solutions.

the important thing is that you have access to the repository so you can clone it in your local.