OTHERS.lst and LINK.lst files from ring zero ctf

Hi, I have already read the information of the OTHERS.lst in the submission page, especially:

They must be direct links ( HTTP 200 ) without redirection ( HTTP 301/302 ).

That also applies to LINK.lst files. Now, ring zero ask for login to be able to watch the challenges, that’s why my solution is failing the test_others in my local build. I understand that OTHERS.lst can simply be modified from other sites and there is no trouble there, but what do i do with the LINK.lst file for the link to the challenge of my solution from ringzeroctf?

use this:


Because ringzero need auth to show the challenge, for that reason you can use the link that I say before.

If you search in the folders of solutions that are in ringzero you found that a lot of them has that link.

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Still getting some errors in the local build with the address you mentioned :frowning:

use only:


without the id of the challenge, because if you put the ID the link must be a redirect because it asks for auth.

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