Problem with my name in the merge

What happens?

when I merge my name causes me a problem

The description of what happens

Please make sure to use the following syntax:
Capitalized name, space and capitalized lastname (avoid accents and ñ).
For example: Aureliano Buendia.
You can change your gitlab user name here:
[ERROR] Merge Request closed by: pr_user_syntax
[INFO] Running tests.pr_under_max_deltas
[INFO] Running tests.first_pipeline_successful

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I found no posts related to this problem.

The full name in my gitlab is larum99 and also corresponds to the name of my branch and is the one that is also in the policy file.

I understand that I should put my first and last name in GitLab, which is what I did in the global configurations, but I don’t know if that causes any problems because of what was mentioned in the previous paragraph.


I need help with

Could you please tell me how to proceed?


If you could solve it, please leave your solution in this post.


I just changed larum99 for my first and last name :sweat_smile: