Problems with /test/policy and more

What happens

I guess that doesn’t pass the /test/policy and /test/generic/user/yaml_checks/, and I don’t understand the reason or the motives for doesn’t pass, after of passing previously the build-code pipeline (Following the .yml policies)

What do you understand or find about that problem

Complete the test-code after of pass the build-code, and later merging with master.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I have to fix several times without positive results, I will attach my screen captures


This is the first issue for second challenge

What is “productivity incorrect”

Link to N-commit to second challenge:

I need help with

How to fix this issue to continue the next stage and merging with master for all challenges (following the policies) BTW, How to follow properly the policies.

Best regards for everyone!

Hi. Well, when you do a new challenge you must make sure that it has a minimum difficulty of +1, that is, if the previous one was 3.2, the next one must be at least 4.2 (in this case codeabbey calls it “blessing”) and the productivity is equal to difficulty/effort (hours that it took you to do the challenge). Regards.

Dude, the “difficulty/effort” (productivity) is equals to (Y-X)/H, where H means the effort of what? and What does mean Y and X?

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New report:

The blessing of the second problem is 1.84, and third problem is 2.31; Why the second problem has been passed, but, the second one don’t it. I’m so concerned 'cause the blessing of second problem from CodeAbbey is 1.84 not 2.0.

Add some pictures:

Or, did I have something wrong with the policies?

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Hey, the Y stands for “actual score” and the X stands for “last score” (if you take a look, Y-X it’s the same as difficulty) and you don’t have to do the challenges in Codeabbey’s order. As it says there, you have to do a challenge with 1.0 more difficulty than the previous one, it can be the 5 challange in codeabbey if it fits the requirements:

previous_difficulty + 1 <= actual_difficulty <= previous_difficulty + 3

Regards and good luck.

Okay, I will check the formula to get these values and I am so concerned.
Where can I get the value of H that means effort, if I know the Y and X values, prior to calculate the priority?

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For example, it take you 8 hours 15 minutes to make a challenge, then effort = 8.25 and totalTime = previousTotalTime + effort.

Hello there,

I had to change those values and, I’ve found with this issue:

According with the current policies for my junior role, the minimal steps is 1 and the maximum steps is 3, however, the current complexity vía CodeAbbey by the third problem is the 2.31 and the previous complexity is 1.84 (the second problem) alright?

What does mean the 2.84 minimal complexity, if my minimal score is the same, attaching my .yml file:

Hi, I think you should to read again this Commit | Autonomic Jump and this Merge Request | Autonomic Jump, slow and in calm, line by line. Is normal to skip text while reading, I did it too, but in this case you shouldn’t.
And to remember, you DON’T need to follow the coddeabey order, just follow the Autonomic Jump documentation. Regards.

Another issue,

How to undo the previous commits to “restart” my current branch?, BTW follow my current policies!

Best regards for you!

This may help you Help in entering commit date - #6 by void-box still, I recommend search more information about it or a tutorial in youtube for understaning it all. Regards.