Problems with the new pipeline for test_policy

What happens

When some of the approvers run the update to test_policy it fails

What do you understand or find about that problem

When I see the update in Python I understand that the commit message and the folder name must match

You make any workaround? What did you do?

When I try to push with the folder name in the commit message name I get an error in test_commit_msg due to the too-long folder name


I need help with

I think that maybe this change should be reviewed, due to existing too many challenges with a log name or change test_commit_msg test to allow long commit message name.
Another possibility’s to change the folder’s name, but if I do this the folder won’t have full information about the challenge, for example, I can change “web-server-jwt-revoked-token” for “jwt-revoked-token”.
What can I do in this situation?

Can you send the link to your commit? that could help a lot to read what happens, and probably help you

Yes, of course!
My Commit

Ok, Reading that I found that is true, your commit title must be the same with the path, for that reason I recommend to you that use a short form to the name of the folder and the commit title until I talk with the owners about the way how the structure is validated

I just found that vbd solutions have the same problem.

Hi, creator of new feature here, the problem in the hack challenge, as @pastel-code told you was because it did not have the same name as the folder, however the problem in this commit it’s because the site name “java-vulnerable-lab” contains “-”, right now I sent a commit with the changes that support it

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