What's wrong with my OTHERS.lst file?

What’s wrong with my OTHERS.lst file?
the file is:


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That is the problem I do not understand what is wrong, I am following all the instructions given in: https://gitlab.com/fluidattacks/writeups/wikis/Submission#3-otherslst-links-rules
In the MR the Approvers said “others are missing” and I don’t understand what the error is

How many OTHERS.lst are supposed to be sent along with each MR, as per the guidelines?

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OH sorry, I omitted it completely, "the 10 OTHERS.lst URL’s "
The problem is that I can’t find 10 solutions for my problem that are public and that each one is also in a different programming language.

Could you give me a recommendation of where I can look for this type of solution?

PD had already done an MR, where he had added 10 solutions found in CodeAbbey, but they were not accepted because they were not public.

Indeed codeabbey solutions do not work because they are behind authentication. They must be public.

I can’t find 10 solutions for my problem

Read the rules carefully. It doesn’t say that they have to be for your problem.
Think about how this would affect the uniqueness of your solution.

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