Doubts about sending a challenge previously solved

What happens

Good day. I have a doubt regarding a challenge that I couldn’t send before. Two weeks ago I tried to send the solution for a challenge with a complexity of 11.96 (challenge 185 from Codeabbey), but I couldn’t because in the policies I have a goal complexity of 10, and the challenge that I sent before that had a complexity of 10.96.

I asked in the forum and the recommendation was to restart the complexity of the challenges and save that challenge to upload it later. So I restarted the complexity but I didn’t subtract the score and ranking progress of the challenge that I couldn’t send (185). I just took the last values (i.e. taking into account the progress for challenge 185) and report the new progress from there.

Right now I’m sending a solution for a challenge with complexity 9.22, and I would like to send my solution for challenge 185 after that, but I don’t know what to put in the commit message.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I understand that is not desirable to send a challenge with zero progress, but maybe that would happen now because at that moment I didn’t subtract the progress for the challenge that I couldn’t send.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I found a similar post in the forum and, in that case, the recommendation was to subtract the progress values for the challenge that couldn’t be sent. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that into account when I restarted my challenges complexity.


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I need help with

I would like to know if I can send the solution for challenge 185 at this moment, and in case of being able to send it, I would like to know what values can I use in the commit message.

You know the data from your last commit, you can calculate with that, you can take the total score that you have and withdraw the score that ahs the challenge like this:

total-score = 500
challenge-score = 11

the line for commit:
- score: <total-score - challenge-score> initial, <total-score> final, <challenge-score> progress.

- score: 489 initial, 500 final, 11 progress.

You can keep the rank because by uploading that challenge to the repo your rank is still the same.

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