I have problems with my yml file

### What happens
I’m trying to fill the yml items, but in the documentation and forum, I just can’t find something helpfull to the especifics items I have not been able to complete.

### What do you understand or find about that problem

I read the docs to the yml for code Hack and Code – Autonomic Jump
and the score docs too Score – Autonomic Jump
also this forum entry Problems with .yml file

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I attach the content of my file in the evidence section.
I write there what I got from the docs

### (Optional) Why fails your workaround?

it’s incomplete

### Evidences

this is my yml file now

type: code
user-name: lizzmedina15
stage: challenges
complexity: 1.0
in: 84
out: 99
totals: 183
initial: 0
final: 1
progress: 1
initial: 36838
final: 36838
progress: 0
initial: 36836
final: 36838
progress: 2
total-time: 40
effort: 40
productivity: 0.025
date: “2024-01-17 01:10:52Z”
path: lizzmedina15.java

### I need help with:
the rank, global and national, if is my first challenge and I didn’t see the initial puntuation in the abbey page, what I should write in the initial score for both items?
also, I’m not sure about the value of productivity. because all the letter thing it’s a little confusing to me, could you please check it?
thank you so much.


You can make an initial position, as it was your first ranking it is likely to be too big a position so simply placing a “10000000” or something like that would be enough.


It would be good if you could show the error you get when you try to upload it to the Gitlab repository, but I think your problem has to do with indentation
check spacing

You could try to copy anyone else’s YML and edit it line by line.

But, There are other problems besides that.
Check this

Hey that’s new info for me. … Thanks!
but, please, help me a little bit more, first, I haven done the commit, I still have questions about the external solutions, like if I can use any link from any page with the solution in any languaje?
2° I’'m not assigned in the policies …so what ?

just tell/message your recruiter to add you to the policies and that’s all.

Hello again, regarding the links, you will notice that they can be in any programming language, but they must be a file type “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/*”
and most importantly do not repeat the same programming language that is already