Missing others a new solution sol(hack)

What happens

The description of what happens.
I get the access to the repository 2 days ago, Im trying to submit a new solution for a hack challenge
I get to the merge request, the script its fine, but the maintainer don’t approved it and said said:

missing others

What do you understand or find about that problem

First i understand that OTHERS.lst was missing, but its a new solution, Anyway I guess he is not talking about OTHERS.lst

From documentation i found:

2.2 ctf-hacking and vbd-hacking solutions

  1. They must not have a solution in Gherkin ( *.feature ) in the repository (challenge folder).
  2. They must not have an external indexed solution (links OTHERS.lst of the challenge).
  3. They must be challenges that require a technical level (not mathematical nor riddle) from WeChall or its related sites.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Well, i created a OTHERS.lst file, and get to the same stage, the merge request, and the script work, but the maintainer don’t approved it and said again

missing others
read the docs before continue solving challenges. everything is in there

I need help with

I need help to understand what he means with missing others, what am I missing?

For post things related to challenges/immersion we create a template, you can see it in this post:

And please take a look at this too:

If you want to ask anything related to the challenges please follow the template, with that way you can give us more details and help us to understand what happens and how to solve it.

How the thread is non compliant with the template I proceed to close it and wait until become compliant with the template.

A little Hint for your problem.

Since you edit you message to be compliant to the template I can answer your.

Your problem is that you must upload 10 external solutions, and your challenge din’t need to have the OTHERS.lst, the external solutions should be for different challenges.


If you receive the message missing others, is because you didn’t upload any external solution.

When you found how to solve your issue please tell us what is the answer or mark the solution that helps you.